About us

Degrees in Life Sciences and and the type of understanding of the undustry you only get from years of experience in marketing and business development? That’s our DNA.

We help you set up shop and provide the Life Sciences support you need.

We don’t like talking about ourselves that much. Just as we hardly tell our clients to talk about themselves and instead invest that time in developing meaningful content.

We can tell you what it’s like to work with us though.

What’s it like to work with us? Good question. 

We like to describe ourselves as friendly, creative, up for a laugh, out-of-the-box, fixers, super smart. But hey, you’ll find that on most websites.  Here’s how we make a difference.

Science first.

Sure. It’s great when everything looks super. But your expertise comes first. We’ve got the degrees and experience to ensure that. 

You’ll stand out. 

We approach things differently. You’re working on the forefront of medical innovation. It’s ok to show it, isn’t it? 

Grow together.

You’ll find that as we go, we work with you instead of for you. We welcome you into our network to build your business.

Come visit us for coffee

We’re located in the European heart of Life Sciences: Leiden. More specifically, we have our office in PLNT.

It’s an open-minded place to meet un-likeminded professionals with a shared goal: Unlocking all the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of the Leiden region.