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JPP specializes in Life Sciences Business Development & Marketing. We help biotech scale-ups & pharma to get noticed, attract business, and delight their audience.

The Project

We are looking for an intern who can take on the challenge of developing Digital Marketing and Communication strategies. During the internship, you will take on a project that involves a group of multiple innovative life-science start-ups in the Leiden Bio-Science Park. You will be responsible for the daily marketing & communication activities for the multiple companies participating. The internship project is an excellent opportunity to combine Science with Communication and Marketing.

In addition to the project, you will also be involved in the day-to-day activities at JPP. These relate to Digital Marketing & Communication for various Life Sciences companies.

Your Project Responsibilities & Day-to-day Activities

•    Become the subject matter expert on Communication strategies
•    Work on Digital Marketing for a diverse set of clients
•    Determining the value proposition for the Dutch market
•    Deliver hands-on marketing support

Candidate Profile

•    Interested in entrepreneurship and not afraid to take responsibility.
•    You have a proactive attitude. Of course, we will supervise, advise, and teach, but we enjoy working with someone who takes charge of a situation.
•    You are eager to learn and grow.
•    Currently pursuing higher education in, e.g., Biomedical Sciences, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, or another Life Sciences study.


  • Currently pursuing higher education in, e.g., Communication, Marketing, with a strong affinity with the life sciences industry.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Intership reimbursement: 400 euros
  2. Free drinks on Thursday afternoon with the community.
  3. Access to workshops for personal growth and entrepreneurship.

In addition, we are well-connected in the Life Sciences industry with high-ranking connections that range from Leiden University alumni and start-up companies to business owners and C-level professionals. Of course, we gladly invite you into our network and will introduce you wherever we can.

We offer opportunities for personal growth and prepare you for a starter position in marketing and communication. Having prior experience with interns, we can offer you proper on-the-job learning and a sound plan to follow and develop.

The project is remarkable because you get to partake in collaboration with a broad set of science start-ups, and is an excellent way to combine a love for science with marketing and communication. Additionally, you will learn a lot about entrepreneurship. All in all, a combination that you won’t find elsewhere.

Start Date
The internship can start from March onwards and preferably lasts for 4 to 5 months at our office at PLNT Leiden.

More Information?
Please get in touch with Nick Veringmeier for more information.

T: +31610382833



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