Life Science Web Design & Development 

Let your story resonate with distinct audiences through our fit-for-purpose and SEO-proof Life Science web design and develpment.

Creating an effective and compelling online presence is a vital step for any company in the life sciences sector, be it a startup or a contract organization. It involves a blend of strategic thinking, user-friendly design, engaging content, and continual refinement. Here’s how you can harness the power of life science web design and development to build a unique digital platform

We see every Life Sciences website as a chance to create something new, with you.

We don’t believe in standard templates and staying in the box. We love collaborating with you and we spend plenty time up front to listen, and understand your added value. 

From there one, we start ideating until we find a style that suits you, developing content that work for you, and creating a website that brings in business.

Our approach for Life Science design and development

The foundation of any life science web design and development project begins with a solid strategy. Outline your website’s objectives, identify your target audience, and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge your success.

We start with the end in mind. No designing yet, or technical talk. It’s time to focus on your goals, the time you have to put into your new website, and what inspires you. Of course, we also have a standardized list of what we (and you) should know.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How will you attract your audience?
  4. What will keep visitors coming back?
  5. Is there a call to action yet?
  6. How can we make you stand apart?

Once that’s all clear, we move on to the creative part.

This is where we like to say that the sky is the limit. But that’s not completely true. The websites we make for growing biotechs and other Life Sciences companies rely on WordPress and a wide array of cool plugins. Rest assured though, there’s plenty of room to play and be effective at the same time within that framework.

Great designs don’t just happen; they’re the result of hard work, study, and imagination. The most important part of the process is brainstorming. As a result, designs are found, debated, and pictured in our minds before they appear online. Although we like to let ourselves in this area sometimes, there are several items that are critical to define at this time:

  1.  Color scheme
  2.  Fonts
  3.  Ongoing trends
  4.  A distinctive theme
  5.  Relevant images


Now that we’ve got all that information, it’s time for us to get to work. It’ll take us about a week or two to come up with a good draft for your new Life Sciences website.

We always start with the homepage. As the summary and most viewed page on any website, it’s a good starting point. Following the why, how, what approach combined with a hint or authenticity and solid content, we design a page that is based on storytelling and and logic.

Once we feel that we’re on to something nice we share our first draft. And it’s also the point where you’ll have to make a big decision.


We’re not talking about a choice of a design. No. After we share a draft version of (what could be) the homepage for your new website, you can choose to accept our quote or not. How are you supposed to pick a provider for your new Life Sciences webiste without knowing what it’s like to work together for a bit or finding out if you’re on the same wave lenght, right?

At JPP, we don’t mind investing a bit before jumping straight into business. If your answer is yes, you’re in for a ride. And we don’t stop before we hear you say: I love it. 

Besides the homepage, we’ll create complementing pages that cover everything from your solutions or pipeline to your history and the people at your company.

What are the usual pages on a website?

  • Homepage
  • Product Page
  • News & Blog page
  • Landing Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Search Page

If you want one, we’ll even throw in a Custom 404 Page. But, let’s hope you won’t need that one. 

How to create a Life Sciences website?

Great life sciences web design and development means something different for almost every Life Sciences company we know. A biotech start-up benefits from having an story-based on-pager, where a specialized consultancy needs to share clear insight into their capabilities.

One thing all good website have in common? The are vistor-centric. You should provide your visitors with the information they want in an entertaining, organised manner. Allow them to see the real you and your company, that builds trust. Trust makes it easy for visitors to take action on your Life Sciences website, whether it’s to sign up for a newsletter, or contact you to grab a coffee. From there on technicalities and SEO are a piece of cake, take it from us.

What we include on websites?

  • Interactive Figures
  • Authentic Imagery
  • Branded Graphics
  • Social Proof
  • SEO Tools

How we design them?

  • To-The-Point
  • Clear navigation
  • Conversational Language
  • Storytelling
  • Built-For-Speed