Life Sciences Marketing Consultant

Insourcing a Life Sciences Marketing Consultant can help you set up marketing, temporarily support, or improve existing processes.

Part-Time Life Sciences Marketing Support

Not every company needs a full-time Life Sciences Marketing expert. In 4-8 hours a week, you can make a difference. How do we know? We’ve been doing it for years. Our experience stems from working in the Life Sciences industry and in Marketing Manager or Business Development roles.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Limited Budget

Yes, we realize you’re not sitting on a large bag of money. Our approach is practical, efficient and based on best practices. And lucky for you, we’re Dutch. So, we know how to flip a coin.


Don’t worry about getting up to speed to provide new insights. We invest our time daily in understanding the latest products, services and industry trends.

Last Minute

We’re ready when you are. Often the best ideas need immediate attention. We thrive under pressure and don’t mind working late.

WHY JPP? We’ve been working in the Life Sciences business for years.

What does does a Life Sciences Marketing consultant do? For starters,  we help you answer some of these questions.


How do you develop a Marketing Strategy?

How do you organize the perfect Life Sciences Webinar?

How do you grow and engage with your audience on LinkedIn?

How do you ensure continuity in your Marketing Materials?

How do you get insights from your analytics?

How do you create a great Life Sciences presentation?

How do you efficiently implement your email marketing?

How do you write your Life Sciences blogs for Google?

Curious? Give us a call.

Or leave us a short message and we’ll get back to you quickly. We don’t bite and we can tell pretty quickly what content works for your Life Sciences business.