Test Your Knowledge.
At The Life Sciences Pubquiz.

Sound the bells, gather the troups, and prepare your colleagues for an epic battle.

What is the powerhouse of the cell? What is the one-letter symbol of Asparagine? Who created the first vaccine? Do you know the answers to these questions and do you want to participate in the only Life Sciences Pub Quiz in the Netherlands? Wait no more!

The Life Sciences Pub Quiz is the perfect occasion to test your knowledge on Biotech, Pharma, and Life Sciences.

Do you think you and your colleagues have what it takes to become Pub Quiz Champions? Wait no longer to secure your spot, and register your company’s team now!


If you claim to know the science. Now’s the time to prove it.

About The Quiz

The Life Sciences Pubquiz focuses (obviously) on Life Sciences topics. Don’t worry though, it’s a theme. We won’t be asking anyone to perform biostatistics or what constitutes the amino acid tyrosine.

During the Pubquiz we’ll test your general knowledge relating to the Life Sciences industry. We’ll cover it in six rounds with a break in between.

  1. History of drugs
  2. Technology
  3. Life Sciences music
  4. Geographies
  5. Picture round
  6. Life Science-Fiction


When? To be discussed but definitely in 2023

Where? Your company or with us at PLNT 

For who? Companies that can gather at least 6 teams of like-minded Life Sciences professionals

Setting? Informal.

Will there be drinks? Preferably, yes.

Is there a fee? If you’d like to include drinks, that’s on you. 

Why is there a fee? We cover the costs and share the rest with charity.

How to apply? Click the button and leave us a message that you’d like to apply.