You are likely one of the winners of our gift vouchers.

On this page you can find ways you can spend your prize. 

What can you get with the voucher?

The gift voucher can be used as a partial or complete payment method depending on the product or service provided.

– Realizing your own website

– Content creation (LinkedIn posts, blogs, presentations)

– Search Engine Optimization

– Training

– Strategy development

– Webinar or podcast organization

– Lead generation

How can you claim the voucher?

The gift voucher can be claimed by contacting JPP. We will make sure that the voucher is used in an effective manner that supports your business the best.

Let’s get in touch!

How can you purchase a voucher?

JPP offers vouchers in various amounts. Just simply get in touch with us and we will get it fixed as soon as possible. If the option is there, we would be honored to hand over the voucher at your event!


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