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Empowering Life Sciences Businesses with ChatGPT

Our next specialized workshop is tailored for professionals in life sciences who want explore the transformative impact of ChatGPT in driving efficiency, innovation, and progress in your field be it scientific research, recruitment, BD, or marketing.

This interactive workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how ChatGPT can revolutionize various aspects of a life sciences company. Our agenda includes examples from:

  • Possibilities in different departments from marketing to the lab
  • Challenges in implementing AI / ChatGTP
  • Accessible tools available
  • Case study with  

Key Learnings: Participants will walk away with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities and its applications
  • Insights on leveraging AI for effective strategies, and a faster workpace.
  • Practical knowledge through an interactive session, demonstrating how ChatGPT can be integrated into daily workflows.
  • Networking opportunities with other Life Sciences AI enthusiasts

Join us to embrace the future of life sciences with the power of AI. Register now to reserve your spot in this groundbreaking workshop!


When? 12 December, 14:00-16:30

Where? BioPartner 1, Leiden


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